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Uses and importance of tail lights

Tail lights and the different types of them

The term “tail lights” is referred to the two identical lamp clusters located at the rear of the vehicle. Tail lights were first introduced many years ago consisting of incandescent bulbs, however a lot has been achieved since.

In these bulbs, reflectors were used which created many images of a single incandescent light source. As technology became to develop more, light emitting diode (LED) was introduced which enabled to freely design and create many unique tail lights that can be spotted on the road today.

The invention of LED tail lights eliminated the requirement of reflectors which resulted in a thinner and brighter tail light. Moreover, led tail light bulbs are more economical, last for a longer period of time and use very little energy compared to incandescent bulbs.

There are also various other lights that are used, such as halogen lights. These lights are comparatively the oldest, smallest in size and also the most commonly used. They are mainly used as the standard equipment in majority of the cars as they can emit a much brighter light at higher temperatures.

Xenon lights are also one of the oldest lights that have been used as a tail light. These lights are considered to be optimal for driving due to its higher and brighter intensity when compared to other lights. Moreover, instead of the usual filament, xenon light uses an electrical arc.

On the other hand, aftermarket tail lights, also known as tinted trail lights have become increasingly popular in the modern era due to their attractive look. However, it is quite important to do a research before buying these lights, as some countries require drivers to adhere to certain color guidelines.

Futhermore, a different type of trail light, known as Morimoto tail light is also commonly known and widely used. These tail lights project LED and are department of transportation (DOT) compliant.

It is also essential to acknowledge that different vehicles have unique tail lights fitted into them. For instance, the dodge charger tail lights are created especially for full-size, four-door sedans. 

Importance of tail lights

Most individuals believe that the sole purpose of tail lights is to alert other drivers that you are making an emergency stop on the road, and lit the car up during night time. However, tail lights have numerous other essential functions that are required to safely reach your destination.

For instance, tail lights are also used to estimate the shape and size of cars passing by so that car crashes can be avoided, even if it is raining, snowing or there is fog.

Hence, it is essential to realise the immense importance of tail lights. If there is an issue with the tail light, for example it broke or the filament bursts, it is highly advisable to replace the light as soon as possible. To do this, you will need to visit a care service centre nearest to you, as it is best to have experts deal with this issue. Please keep in mind that tail lights do not just ensure your safety, but also of other drivers.

Did you know? 

  • All tail lights work on relay, i.e. if the car has the tail lights on, then the reflective materials these lights are made of causes the car in front to also have their tail lights on. Hence, the driver does not need to bother turning their own tail lights on. Furthermore, these tail lights are connected at the same switch which turns on the head lights, which makes the tail lights function quite easily. 
  • You can get into serious trouble with the police if you’re tail light does not work. 
  • Many recent studies have found that broken tail lights can cause rear-end collisions. 
  • In many countries, it is illegal to install any device that may impair the effectiveness of tail lights. A few of these impairments include dark lenses, bulbs that are not DOT approved dark or different colored bulbs. Hence, aftermarket tail lights are banned in few countries. 

  • Testimonials 

    Aisha Gulati: The LED tail lights made a huge difference on the bed lights of my 2019 Ram 1500. Great price and very easy to install. I would highly recommend them!

    Sam: Great the dodge charger tail lights which I used as replacement for cab mounted bed lights for my car. Really bright, a little finicky on install, but with a little pressure they will fit in the stock socket. Unknown on longevity, as I just installed them but so far I am impressed. Very bright and excellent value.

    E. Foster: Only complaint...bulbs took a little more manhandling than I prefer to plug in, but otherwise they work perfectly and are quite a bit brighter than the stock bulbs. Don't hesitate to buy. 

    Travis Casu: Works excellent in my 2020 Subaru outback XT. The incandescent was a waste of electricity! Now with this bulb you can actually see! These led tail light bulbs come carefully, professionally packed with care! Great product!  I have this company’s LEDs in every light on my Jeep. 

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