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Top 5 Most Popular Projector Lens Shrouds for your Car

Accessorizing your car with the most suitable, affordable, and high-quality design gadgets has become very popular in recent times. Automotive LED headlights, projector lenses, shrouds, etc., have gained widespread popularity nowadays as people desire to give their vehicles a complete and presentable look.

Projector shrouds play an essential role in defining the vehicle's headlights as they cover the projector and its mounting brackets. They are meant to elevate the sophisticated look of the vehicle's retrofit from the outside. If the projector remains uncovered without any shrouds, the car headlights look unnatural and unpleasant.

These shrouds are available in various sizes and shapes that are compatible with specific car models, which can be tricky to select. Here is a list of several high-quality custom automotive lights – projector lens shrouds suitable for your car. 

1. Morimoto Apollo 1.0 Projector lens shroud

 Morimoto Apollo 1.0 Projector lens shroud

The Apollo 1.0 projector lens shroud is an entirely circular shroud with a diameter suitable for large headlights. To give the headlights a clean factory-installed look, these shrouds are given a smooth chrome finish.

Made from high-quality plastic and durable metalized chrome, the Apollo 1.0 lens shrouds are compatible with being mounted with central rings. Morimoto – known for its automotive indicator lights, led automotive lights, etc. has been globally recognized for setting the automotive lighting benchmark. 

2. Morimoto Apollo 2.0 Projector lens shroud 

Morimoto Apollo 2.0 Projector lens shroud

Another masterpiece by Morimoto, the Apollo 2.0 series, comes with smooth contours, a clean line, and a unique design that is compatible to work with the bright 100mm LED halos. The chrome finish and a textured face give these shrouds a uniquely attractive look.

These high-quality projector lens shrouds are suitable for several types of headlights like automotive fog lights, LED headlights, etc. the Apollo 2.0 shrouds feature DRL vents that will glow with the light, thus replacing the need to add automotive spotlights.  

3. Morimoto Bullet 2.0 Projector lens shroud 

Morimoto Bullet 2.0 Projector lens shroud

Unlike most circular-shaped shrouds, the bullet series is conical in shape textured with smooth lines. The bullet shrouds are a perfect match to fit any 2.5" and 3" lens projectors. With a diameter of 120mm and a depth of 61mm, Bullet 2.0 shroud mounts with centric rings that act as simple reducers meant to reduce the shroud's inside diameter.

While choosing a projector lens shroud for your car, it is crucial to consider its size, shape, price, and mounting compatibility with your vehicle's model. 

4. Morimoto E46-R projector lens shroud 

Morimoto E46-R projector lens shroud

The very first retrofit-specific component released by Morimoto in 2008, the E46-R is an OEM style, clean-looking projector lens shroud. This series is well-known for its modern and classic look giving the headlights a factory-finished look.

Famous for its automotive strobe lights and drop lights automotive, Morimoto released the E46-R bezels with a warranty period of 18 months and a forever finish chrome. To prevent the shrouds from vibrating loose over time, a 2-part epoxy is also well recommended. 

5. Morimoto Flatboy Switchback LED projector lens shroud 

Morimoto Flatboy Switchback LED projector lens shroud

While regular shrouds are conical or circular shaped, the flatboy switchback shrouds are uniquely squared-off, making them widely popular. If you are looking for a lens shroud that makes your vehicle's headlights stand out, this is the right choice for you.

This shroud series is also quite famous for its BMW-like optics with a 3-sided Type II switchback light pipe that can be white or amber. Unlike other cheap shrouds that are flimsy enough to be deformed by a 35W HD bulb's heat, the Morimoto Flatboy Switchback shrouds are made from the highest quality plastic, entirely reliable, and last longer. 

Even though many people do not consider projector lens shrouds as necessary parts of a headlight, they are definitely essential to give your headlights a finished look and protect the lenses.

There are some factors that the customer shall consider while selecting a shroud for their vehicle, such as the projector size, projector shape, shape of the mounting unit, depth of the housing, paint matching, mount for the shroud, and of course, the price range should be affordable.

By considering all the factors mentioned earlier, the customer can definitely make the right choice for their vehicle's headlights without a doubt. 


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