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Automotive wire harness and its challenges

The automotive industry has been on the rise for the past few years as the craze of owning a vehicle has become a popular trend in people. There are various segments and accessories of every vehicle that are vital for their function. 

A wire harness is one such electrical assembly in vehicles that enables it to transmit power and information into a single system. An automotive wiring harness is crucial for the vehicle's functioning, operation, power supply, and transmission of signals. 

These are a bundle of loose electrical wires grouped along a single layer to create an organized system. These harnesses make an electric circuit inside the automobile, which allows it to operate efficiently under extreme conditions. 

Various kinds of automotive wire harness 

  • To ensure the best possible performance, automotive wiring harnesses use various wire harnesses available in different price ranges. A hot rod wiring harness is being used popularly by many people as it is soldered 100% to ensure reliability. 
  • Usually, this type of wiring harness uses an alternative charge wire to accommodate several alternators from each circuit in the vehicle (could be 8 or 12). Car stereos use a different kind of wire harness; the dodge Durango radio wiring harness is considered the best one. 
  • These are generally color-coordinated, too, which makes the harness assembly easier. Another specifically designed harness for a particular part of the vehicle is the hid relay harness. 
  • The hid wiring harness provides a controlled and regulated flow of energy to the vehicle's headlights. It connects the car's lighting system directly to the car's battery enabling it to draw power from the battery rather than the entire wire harness system. 
  • This light wiring harness is great for saving the energy and power consumption of the car. Different kinds of relay harness are available in the market, allowing the customer to choose the best suitable option of hid harness for their vehicle. 
  • Deciding on the number of harnesses needed to be installed in your vehicle, you must first consider the number of circuits required for the application, which usually ranges from 8 to 12 circuits. 

Challenges related to the automotive wiring harness 

  • New automotive start-ups and the latest technological advancements are creating multiple challenges for the vehicle wiring harness. Automatically controlled cars, Artificial Intelligence-dependent technologies enabled in vehicles, driver assistance features, electrification, and other connectivity features have been introduced by many automobile companies to make the driving experience much more accessible and smoother.
  • However, such new-age technologies and start-ups fail to address the sophistication and number of features they install in their automotive as it has a significant impact on the cost, weight, packaging space, and bundle diameter of the wire harness.  
  • Keeping the vehicle mass low is crucial in determining the range of the vehicle. However, with added wire harness assembly in automotive, its weight is increased, hampering its capacity. 
  • Traceability of parts is another major challenge faced during wire harness assembly. It is essential to keep track of all the materials and components of the vehicle during the entire harness development process to precisely locate the harness in different parts. 
  • This allows the recognition of damaged parts easily, which can be changed promptly without avoiding any delay that could damage other wire harnesses connected to it. However, it may sometimes be evaluated wrong and give false predictions. 
  • This can create a lot of confusion as the installer might not locate the exact wire harness at that time. Hence, automation in this field is highly suggested to avoid human errors.  
  • Automotive miniaturization has become a popular trend nowadays. It means the number and weight of the automotive wire harness shall be reduced to increase the range of the vehicle. 
  • Although it poses a significant challenge for the automobile harness industry as it negatively affects the performance quality of the vehicle and might also result in the reduction of features such as anonymous driving, AI, etc., that use heavy harness installation. This also dramatically affects the assembly automation, small gauge cables, and terminal connection of the automobile. 


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